AFA Mission, Vision, and Values


The Air Force Association will be the premier professional military and aerospace education association in the nation, dedicated to United States dominance in air, space, and cyberspace, a strong national defense, and support for the people who serve the United States Air Force and United States Space Force. 


Our mission is to promote dominant U.S. Air and Space Forces as the foundation of a strong National Defense; to honor and support our Airmen, Guardians, and their Families; and to remember and respect our enduring Heritage. 

To accomplish this, we: 

  • EDUCATE the public on the critical need for unrivaled aerospace power and promote aerospace and STEM education for a technically superior and professional workforce to ensure national security; 
  • ADVOCATE and promote aerospace power to favorably shape policy and resourcing decisions to guarantee the strongest aerospace forces in the world; 
  • SUPPORT Airmen, Guardians and the families of the Total Air Force and Space Force, including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, civilians, and members of the Civil Air Patrol. 

We educate the American people to create an informed public armed with the knowledge to effectively maintain a dominant USAF and USSF. An educated public is aware of the necessity for, and contributions of, aerospace forces. It is a public who will support and encourage those who volunteer to serve in the USAF and USSF, as well as our nation’s other military services. We must effectively explain how the domains of air, space, and cyber advance the nation’s security.

AFA promotes Aerospace Education encompassing all aspects of education, training, and professional development for the Total Force, the Air and Space Force family, and the next generation of aerospace talent. Essential to maintaining dominant and technologically advanced aerospace forces is a strong and technically superior workforce. This includes world-class science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. 

The Association’s dedication to a strong national defense is based on the knowledge that aerospace power is critical to attaining our national security objectives. AFA advocates for sufficient resources to meet these objectives, and to ensure that American aerospace power is effective in the nation’s defense. This entails a set of competencies and expertise to not only provide information but thought-leadership to develop new concepts of operation and associated plans and actions ensuring that our aerospace forces––now and in the future––have the resources, tools, systems, and training to perform their missions. 

We support Airmen, Guardians, and the Total Force, because we recognize aerospace power and a strong national defense rest in the hands of the people who have chosen to serve, whether in uniform, as Defense civilians, or in the private sectors. We take care of Air Force and Space Force families because the services recruit the Airman and the Guardian but retain the family. We support legislation focused on Active duty, Reserve, National Guard, and civilian personnel, veterans, wounded Airmen, and military families. 


The Air Force Association embraces the following core values: 


Integrity is the foundation of credibility. AFA members, both individually and as an Association, must conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards and, in all professional and personal affairs, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. 


AFA’s continuing commitment is to serve our nation in as many ways as our time and talents allow. Principally an Association of volunteers, we execute AFA’s mission without expectation of any personal gain, but in the belief service to our nation is an honorable pursuit, worthy of our best efforts. 

AFA is committed to uncompromising excellence in all of its activities. Our efforts to educate, advocate, and support must meet the highest standards of accuracy, thoroughness, and objectivity. Members will hold themselves accountable for dutifully carrying out the responsibilities of whatever positions they may accept within the Association.