AFA Name Change



Dear Friends:

This is a historic week for AFA. After 76 years, we are redefining our identity with a new name and a new logo. In a few days, AFA will announce to the world that we will be the Air & Space Forces Association!

While we will retain our familiar three-initials, this new name and our distinctive new Star-Delta logo will now reflect the full scope of our mission: To educate the public about air and space power, to advocate for the world’s most capable, most lethal, and most effective Air and Space Forces, and to support Airmen and Guardians, as well as their families.

Our three identifying initials – A F A – will remain, as does the unity of our mission within a single association. Just as the Air Force and Space Force together come under the umbrella of the Department of the Air Force, our advocacy for Air and Space Forces comes together under the unified banner of this singular association.

As you well know, AFA has always been fully committed to supporting air and space power as the most indispensable elements of our joint force and national defense, and that even as the Space Force emerges with its own budget, warfighting culture, and individual contributions to American military leadership, the air and space domains and the Airmen and Guardians who master them will continue to be tightly integrated, mutually dependent, and inextricably linked within the Department of the Air Force.

AFA’s new Star-Delta Logo embraces both the heritage and heraldry of the Air Force and the innovation and originality of the new Space Force. The Star is derived from the original “Hap Arnold” Army Air Corps Star and Roundel logo, elements that have been part of the AFA logo since our association’s inception in 1946. The combination of a stylized Hap Arnold star with Space Force’s distinctive Delta and Polaris, drawn from the Space Force Logo, is unique, reflecting the Space Force’s critical role in guiding the whole of the joint force.

This change is effective on April 7. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve you as the leaders of this Association and it is a greater honor still to share with you this historic change and a new name that better reflects our mission today. We are AFA: Your Air & Space Forces Association!


CMSAF #14 Gerald Murray, USAF (Ret.) Lt Gen Bruce Wright, USAF (Ret.) Chairman President